You'll have the option to either live with a host family or in an individual apartment. In either case you may share the flat/house with another volunteer also. The accommodation you’ll be allocated to will depend on which project you are doing.

Host Family

For a complete Indian experience we recommend staying with one of our host families as this will give you a great insight into Indian culture and customs. Our hosts are very welcoming you'll get the feel of being part of the family!

Breakfast and dinner will be provided and prepared for you by the family and  this allows you to taste a varied selection of delicious south Indian dishes and fruits. Kerala vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served and at times continental food as well. You can also join with the family for cooking exotic dishes, if you wish.


Living In Apartment

Apartments are very comfortable and give you the opportunity to be totally independent yet still live within the local community. The aprtments give you all the comfort you need - spacious, light and airy.


Food is not included in the placement if you're staying in an apartment, so you'll need to budget for your meals. This option gives you the choice to either cook for yourself or make the most of the opportunity to sample the mouth-watering local restaurants and Trivandrum cafes.


Eating out is cheap in India. You’ll be able to sample excellent south Indian food. Rice is also served with most dishes and being on the coast you will get fresh sea food.  Vegetarians have the option of tasting fresh vegetables and exotic fruits, you have never heard or seen before!