Our teaching projects are highly flexible -  you can use your own creativity to incorporate new ideas. The school has a nursery, primary and secondary section where it is compulsory that all lessons are taught in English.

Your project will definitely give invaluable teaching and education to the school. The children are polite, courteous and are often so interested in you and your life in a different country.


Get ready to be treated like a celebrity!!



Duration:                                     4 weeks to 12 weeks 


Start Dates:                                All year round


Requirements:                           You should be 18 years or older -No qualifications as such.

                                                              Should have good language skills in English - most importantly LOVE THE CHILDREN!!


Prices:                                         £790 for 4 weeks

                                                            £135 for each additional week


Whats Included ?                             

                                                            Arranging your Programme                                                          

                                                            Full pre-departure support and assistance

                                                            Accommodation    -    Know more about your accommodation

                                                            Food (3 times daily)

                                                            Meeting you at the nearest Airport

                                                            Welcome Pack 

                                                            Transfer to your accommodation

                                                            In-country orientation

                                                            Monthly sight seeing

                                                            Farewell Dinner (On the eve of your departure)

                                                            Local in-country team support and backup

                                                            Certificate of Completion

                                                            Other services as mentioned in the pre-departure booklet


What is not included?              Cost of Flights, Visa & Insurance

You'll work in a private English-Medium school in Kerala, south of India. The school is a minority education institute with an excellent reputation. 

On arrival, you'll be introduced to the Principal and staff on your first day and they will discuss your teaching programme with you.  It's a mixed school with around 600 children, all of whom will be waiting to meet you with wide smiles!


You can teach a range of subjects, including:

  • English

  • Computer Science

  • Music

  •  Art

The ages of the children range from 6 to 18. The facilities at the school are very good and the staff is very keen to have foreign volunteers because the children benefit enormously in many different ways to the exposure to people from different cultures. Not only will you be giving invaluable teaching and education to the school, your involvement with the children will bring immense satisfaction and enjoyment!

The school is open from June-February every year. The working hours begin from 08:30 AM. The school would be hoping to give an international exposure to the students by hosting volunteers from around the World.


The school is a mixed school (both boys and girls) and this project is open to both male and female volunteers. The volunteers are supervised by the Principal/head of department inside the school. The programme is flexible and any new ideas are welcome and the volunteers have full freedom in teaching the students the subject of their choice.

The school are also keen on volunteers wishing to teach music.  The school has its own band troupe that performs on occasions such as Annual Day, Sports Day, Cultural festivals and youth festivals, so if you have an interest in teaching anything - This can be Sports, Music, Arts or any other subjects you think that can be useful to the students/school, you have the full freedom to implement this!


All the children at the school are expected to take part in extra-curricular activities outside of their curriculum - so you may have the opportunity to teach lots of other subjects too